Change management

The development of your organization and, particularly, how you manage change impacts the success of your business. Organization development activities intervene in the interactions of your people systems such as formal and informal groups, work culture and climate, and organization design to increase their effectiveness using a variety of applied behavioural sciences.


Operational efficiencies, cost concerns, revenue leaks and growth management are, by and large, the major concerns for most of the organizations. Business Process Re-engineering is a concept used as a strategic instrument for maintaining an enterprise’s ongoing need for competitiveness. Said simply, it is the redesign of the way work is performed. A process is any series or combination of tasks or activities which produce a result.

AYC Partners services focus on these areas BUT we are focusing first of all the human part of the processes. We are deeply believe that behind every process is a human being and later come the technology.

In the field of Business Process Reengineering problems occur, beginning with those of minor meaning to the crucial problems – human problems -, and for each of them there are solutions. AYC Partners follow a methodology that has five phases:

  1. Plan
  2. Search/Audit
  3. Analyse
  4. Modelling
  5. Launch (and improve).

Change Management is an integral part of this methodology.

Business Process Re-engineering is approached by examining the strings of processes or cycles. The cycle time is the time from the beginning of the first step of the process until the beginning of the first step of the next process. When a cycle ends, a lot of non-value adding time has been consumed that may constitute 90-95 percent of total time. If you can identify the non-value added time in the cycle, you can devise ways to eliminate the causes.

Human Resources – BPR

Timely monitoring of human performance is critical for today’s enterprise to make strategic business decisions more timely. Such enterprises need excellent human processes include integrated performance evaluation, shorter recruiting processes and even clear fluctuation mapping Costing is another area to improve the enterprise to be more cost-conscious.

We by AYC Partners are always focusing the human part firstly, but if it is going to be necessary we are go deeply into the technical details as well.

We are committed to take action and responsibility to create more effective processes as a part of your change!